Impregnating liquids for Household Wipes

For household wipes the impregnating liquid contains a nonionic biodegradable surfactant, which is derived from renewable plant sources. This liquid has excellent upper anchorage to provide the wipe an effective cleaning action. This enables the liquid to wet the surfaces in an efficient manner. This Liquid is ideal for removing dirt and grease from kitchen surfaces, sinks, stoves and furniture without rinsing. The use of wet wipes with this liquid has antibacterial properties; it destroys all harmful bacteria, including Salmonella, Listeria and E. Coli. This liquid can be ordered either fragrance free or with a nice fragrance of your choice
This impregnating fluid is ideal for removing dust, dirt and fingerprints on plastic surfaces and glass, as well as audio and video equipment. The liquid has antistatic properties and leaves no traces.
The impregnating liquid contains antibacterial properties. Used to clean surface area of toilets and especially the toilet seat to prevent cross contamination and spreading bacterial infections
This impregnating fluid is ideal for removing dirt and polishing mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces in your home. No trace is left on cleaned surfaces based liquid.