Rewinder Perforation Machine TRW200

TRW200 is one of the fastest machine on the market, wide product specs, easy to operate. 


The conveyor Bands are antibacterial

Certified by Public Health Service of Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Washington DC USA 

 Rotary perforation

The perforation length can be changed as per products specs. To perform these changes, desired perforation blade must be used. 

Product touching surface, 316L CrNi

For the hygiene purpose, all the materials on the TRW200 machine as set to highest standards. For this reason, the products where in contact with surfaces are carefully selected from certified 316L stainless steel.

Manual Roll changing 

The mother roll is manual changes on our standard machine however it can be installed with auto-splice. That would save time during the production. In any case, for the preparation of the roll change an operator needed. Also, for safety during the auto-splice an operator must be present.

Pneumatic roll lifting

Depends on raw material, the mother roll could be very heavy to lift it up. The machine designed to lift the mother roll from ground to unwinding platform pneumatically.

Mobile start-stop button

During the set-up or product change stage, operator can use mobile device to operate machine on set-up speed to set up machine on his own. That prevents more then one operator to set-up machine.

Interlock system on the doors

There are many moving parts of the machine working on high speed therefore it could cause harm and damage to operator. The prevent this dangers events, the machine installed with safety devices. If the doors of the machine open, the machine automatically stops. However, this option can be by-passed during maintenance or set-up. This operation only can be by-passed by authorised personnel as password protected.

 Fitted alarm

The machine equipped with alarms for different purposes. That would sound to warn the operator to make him aware about the situation. The alarm sounds and also visually warning.

 Production information page

There are some information pages available for information and also for the products information and recipe. The products information can be stored on the memory of the PLC for future use. That’s also saves times for the operator for re-production. It is only matter of uploading the recipe.

 Pneumatic slitting

The mother roll is slit to desired length of the products. To prevent any damages on the rollers and blade, the pressure set by pneumatic system. That’s makes blades and rollers long last.

Roll Ejecting System

The machine has equipped with roll ejecting system. After the product rolled (re-winded) onto the core, it must eject for packing. That is performed automatically to save time during the production.

Folding Unit

The machine is capable to fold the material V or C fold before perforation station. The reason of folding is reduced size of final product and lower the cost of packaging materials (foils)

Safety Fences

The machine and surrounding will be equipped with safety fences where applicable. That would prevent any unauthorised access to the machine and if any access that safety system will stop machine to operate.

Product Core Diameter

The product core diameter is from 30mm to 100mm. the machine re-winding system need to be adjusted for this option. The rods for re-winding will be provided as per customers request.