Why choose us?


Our aim is for our machinery to give you the following benefits ?

1 Increased production with longer intervals between maintenance.

2 Improved fault diagnostics system resulting in less machine downtime and faster production.

3 Customised training manuals and special training videos are available.

4  Continuous exchange of experience.

Vast Experience

We have a vast experience in machinery production and design. We have established business relationship with market leaders which are mainly based in the EU.


We know that communication is the key element of success. We are aware of manufacturing processes therefore we are designing our machines accordingly.

User Friendly

We aware of the operator who runs the machines are not engineers, for this reason we design and build our machines in a way that makes them simple to use, low maintenance, low waste and user friendly.


When we start to design our machines, we take advice from our customers and build the machines according to their needs. As we know that our customers have much more experience in running the machines than we have.